What’s Been Happening

It’s been seven months since I returned from my South America adventure and while I have not posted anything, much has happened. One of my goals while in Antarctica was to photograph as many icebergs and glaciers and frozen landscapes as I possibly could. And that I did, coming back with close to 3,000 frames from the three weeks we spent on board the Pelagic Australis sailing down the Antarctic Peninsula.

Sorting through those 3,000 images at first seemed daunting until I sorted them by subject, and then kept scrolling though until I had a sense of what I wanted to print. My goal was, and still is, to have an exhibition of the work somewhere near Portland, Maine, my home base, so I can share the work with others.

The initial sort was simple. Put all the ice/berg/frozen landscape images in one folder; birds, whales and other critters in a second folder; people and the boat in a third, etc. That still left over 1,000 images in the ice/berg/frozen landscape folder, so I kept scrolling through until I narrowed them down to 150. Way too many, but a good start. Then the hard part began: how to get those 150 down to a manageable three dozen. But I did, eventually.

Since I’m six years into my retirement and therefore have spent six years away from working seriously with Photoshop, I hired a wonderful technician to bring me back up to speed and to oversee the printing of the images. What’s even better is that she’s an incredible image maker. I encourage you to check out Gabriella Sturchio’s work.

We have proofed, edited, tweaked, and now printed about 24 images. They look beautiful.

I’m currently inviting curators to look at the work with the intention of mounting an exhibition at some point in the next year. Stay tuned.

Here are a few of the final images. Enjoy them.


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4 thoughts on “What’s Been Happening

  1. liberty bryer says:

    Thanks John for the sneak preview my mind can only imagine that they’re like on “the big screen”, live and in person. I’m waiting in anticipation for the the show!Sending warmth and sun from Coral Bay          Happy Thanksgiving  Lib

  2. Gary Reiter says:

    I had a nice nap and spent some time with your photos and the Ocean Navigator article.

    I have turned down the invitation to comment on the blog itself because I don’t feel competent to properly appraise your photographs for exhibition and the Navigator article is published and completed project.

    But, simple praise doesn’t really help and I can’t resist a few comments. Simple minded comments.

    First, I would have lengthened the Ocean Navigator article. I would have asked you to do some additional (not much) research on the whaling factory boats and what accidents are known and storms of the past.

    I enjoyed reading about Gabriella Sturchio and enjoyed her portrait photograph.

    I liked the iceberg photos displayed particularly the fierce blue sword with reflection but couldn’t help wondering how much of the reflection was photoshopped? The fierce sword is really a show stopper for me.

    I imagined you catching the wave breaking on the sharp edge of the berg and letting out a shout of glee.

    So, now, when do you go back.

    All for tonight,

    GCR >

  3. tileston says:

    Beautifully cool!

  4. Peter S. Plumb says:

    Interesting shots! Have the colors been doctored some? Happy Thanksgiving! PSP

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