A Tale of Three Cities: Paris • New York • Portland

2015 is the Year of Photography in Maine with close to three dozen exhibitions scattered around the state. One exhibition will be opening in two weeks—July 28—at the University of New England Art Gallery in Portland. Six of my photos are in it: two from each of the three cities. Nice. But no ice this time. That comes in 2017.

Here’s the show announcement. If you’re in the area, please stop by.


UNE PPN textThere will be two gallery talks, with many of the photographers present: 5pm, August 13, and 5pm, September 10.

Some of the photographers in the exhibition are: Berenice Abbott, Melonie Bennett, Rudy Burckhardt, Tillman Crane, Dan Dow, John Eide, Judy Glickman, Barbara Goodbody, Dennis Griggs, Joe Guertin, Ernst Haas, Rose Marasco, Peter Michelena, Stacy Mitchell, Jack Montgomery, Marta Morse, Jack Nordby, Heath Paley, Scott Peterman, William Rideout, Jerry Robinov, Kristin Robinson, Mason Smith, Ruth Sylmor, Darrell Taylor, Fran Vita-Taylor, Jan Pieter van Voorst van Beest, David Wade, Todd Webb, Malcolm Wilson.

Check out The Maine Photo Project for more activity around the state.

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One thought on “A Tale of Three Cities: Paris • New York • Portland

  1. Gary Reiter says:

    I will want to see the Exhibit and may stay on in Maine instead of heading to NYC.

    I will need to make some decisions after this weekend and the madness ends.


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