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Antarctic Light

I just came across some interesting figures. During our three week adventure to the Antarctica peninsula, the sun will be in the sky for about 16 hours each day. But it will change dramatically during our three weeks.

On February 2, the day we depart from Ushuaia, there will be approximately 18.5 hours of sun down there, while three weeks later, on February 22, there will be a mere 15.5 hours of daylight, a three hour difference in a three-week period.

We’ll miss December when the sun never sets, which could be fun to see, but we’ll also miss June when the sun never rises over much of Antarctica around the time of the solstice. That’s OK with me. Rather than me posting someone else’s pics, you can just Google “Antarctica Sun” if you want to see what it looks like or wait a month and see mine.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the light does to the colors of the sky, water and ice at a high latitude and how that will translate in the photos. Since I’m fairly new to digital photography (go to The Adventure and scroll down to Camera), I’m both interested to discover, and a bit concerned about selecting, the camera’s White Balance. I know enough not to set anything on Auto, but will it be Daylight at 5200K or Shade at 7000K or just what. With the longer, at least I’m assuming longer, dawns and dusks, should I be going more for Sunset/Twilight at 6000K or even lower? Will there be an extended golden hour down there? Digital cameras can be a bit complicated, but I guess I’ll find out.

I’ll be capturing in RAW as well as the smallest jpg so I should have enough information in the RAW files to play around with when I return.


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