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Over the Top

20140311-193058.jpgA rather uneventful day of walking around, getting the lay of the land and checking out different areas. One highlight was seeing the Palacio de Aguas Corrientes, the Palace of Flowing Waters, the late 19th-century pumping station that is an over-the-top full-block building of multi-type and -colored stone, much of it with carved stone, terracotta ornamentation and tiled walls. Too much. When Buenos Aires did something during it’s economic height, they let you know it.

I asked the fellow at the hotel’s front desk for a recommendation of a restaurant where I could get a light meal. He sent me a few blocks away to El Mirasol, the sunflower, which sounds rather fresh and wholesome and light, yes?

Nope. It’s an upscale steak house, but not the traditional Argentine grill place like we encountered in Ushuaia. The menu was almost all red meat and the patrons were about six men to each woman. I went for it and ordered the tomato salad, country potatoes and a sirloin tip, all washed down with a few glasses of red and finished off with a flan. That was probably the most flavorful cut of beef I’ve ever had. The Argentineans do know how to raise good beef, that’s for sure.

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