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First crew meeting

The full crew met for the first time at Peter’s on January 3rd for a run-down of last minute details. Peter, in his usual well organized manner, had the agenda and topics down, but the best was sharing, in person for the first time, some of the little details that make a big difference when sailing or in a tight situation.

Most of us seem to have the clothing issues under control. One concern was over dressing, leading to sweating, a real concern in cold climate. A related concern was bringing too much gear. Yes, three weeks of living in long johns seems to dictate bringing the suggested six pair, but is there a real need for the three pair of fleece pants I planned on packing? I’ve got to rethink that.

If we can survive this current Maine weather, with temps hovering around zero F, we can survive on board and ashore.

Eye protection was another topic. Glasses that fit tight around the face are a necessity to keep out the UV light. A pair of ski goggles might be the answer.

All of us have fallen in love with our Muck Boots.

The range of experience varies from some serious blue water sailing to casual coastal cruising, but that’s not an issue. Our combined experience is what matters as well as being on a well founded vessel with an experienced high latitude captain and mate.

We’ll have way too much fun!


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