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Closing thoughts; open to comments


This will be the last post for a while. I’m home, settling back in and trying to deal with the sudden temperature change from 70°F on my last day in Buenos Aires, where I was walking around in chinos and a polo shirt, to 10°F here in Maine. I unpacked the Antarctica gear first and have been making use of lots of that fleece. Not good. Spring is supposedly here. I wanted to see dandelions blooming when I came home.

If you are seeing my blog for the first time, welcome. Obviously, you are seeing the last entry first. So, if you want to go chronologically, head to the bottom of the third page and scroll up. However, since I posted all three weeks of the Antarctica sailing adventure at once, they will work down. I know, but it makes sense to us.

I’m beginning to download all the images, close to 4,000, from the trip and starting to sort out the work. I expect it will take me a while to gather what’s there, make sense of it and decide what direction to go with it all. The next post will hopefully announce to you what’s up.

I’ve added a number of photos to the body of the Antarctica section, First Leg of the Trip: Antarctica, January 30. I had difficulty sending images from Ushuaia, for some reason, so here are more.

We, Lori, my blog adviser, and I, decided at the start not to include comments as a part of this blog since it would have been difficult for me to monitor and respond to any comments while the trip was in progress. However, now that it’s over and I’m back in the comfort of my own studio, with a real computer, not the iPad, we’ve decided to open the blog up for comments. Let me hear what you have to say.

There have been over 3,800 views of these posts from people in fourteen countries around the world. I’m curious about who you are and how you discovered my blog. Switzerland? Mexico? Chile? How did you find my blog? Hope you enjoyed reading about my voyage and thanks for following.

Finally, and importantly to me, I’ve gone through the text and made corrections to a few glaring mistakes. Here they are:

In The Adventure:
Skip Novak is actually an American from Chicago, not a Brit like I assumed due to all his racing on British vessels. Never assume….

In February 3:
Bertie’s last name is Whitley, not Whatley. I tried to correct it from Peru, but it didn’t take. Sorry, Bertie.

In February 10:
The name of the Norwegian whaling factory ship is the Governoren I, not the Gouvenorden as I wrote.

In Big Boats and Little Boats:
It’s Saratoga, NY, another serious horse town, not Sarasota. Different state.

Sorry if I missed anything else.


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