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Took a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood Sunday afternoon and came across a big photo show by an Argentine photographer, Marcos Zimmermann. Good, solid, black-and-white images in the documentary or, as the French call it, reportage poétique style. Nice to see.

I recently did a tour of the Teatro Colón, the Buenos Aires opera house, and couldn’t help thinking about Werner Herzog’s film Fitzcarraldo. No relationship, I know. But still, being in the building conjured up scenes from the film. I had similar visions while taking the train along the river to Machu Picchu—scenes from another of his films, Aguirre, the Wrath of God. Herzog actually filmed Aguirre on the same river that flows past Machu Picchu, but further east in the rainforest, just before it joins the Amazon.


Teatro Colón

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Machu Picchu

Did it. Climbed it. Saw it.

And I’m even more in awe.

Mar3-3_Machu PicchuI’m in awe of the design and construction of these sights and how they work so well with the terrain, the climate and the conditions. I’m in awe of the labor invested in this place, as well as in the other places we’ve seen, and the hundreds more we’ll never see. I’m in awe of the social structure that made all these places and made them work, apparently, so well. I’m in awe of the visual relationship between the man-made and the natural landscape and how the Mar3-2_Machu Picchufirst humans here might have reacted when they saw the almost vertical rock walls rising from the river (a river that continues through the jungle to join the Amazon on it’s way to the Atlantic) ending in a lush green dome when not hidden in the clouds. They must have been in awe but even more so.

I made some photos, but you’ve probably seen them already. This place Mar3-1_Machu Picchuhas been photo’d out. Every corner I turned, I saw another pic that I’d seen before. I remember that John Szarkowski comment that by 1845, “…there where more photographs in the world than bricks.” Well, more photographs have been made of Machu Picchu than there are shaped granite stones in all the stone structures there, that’s for sure. Oh, well.

Mar3-4_Machu Picchu


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