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Not a great day for walking around. The late morning brought some serious thunder and lightning followed by much rain, so it was a good day for a long lingering lunch while reading the local English-language daily. Read the paper twice and ate slowly. Very slowly.

I bought the paper, the Buenos Aires Herald, at a newsstand run by a grumpy woman who tried to sell me the $8 peso paper for $8 dollars. A big difference, like a seven-dollar difference. (Both pesos and dollars are indicated by “$”.) I handed her a 10 peso bill, telling her it was 8 pesos, not eight dollars. When she handed me the $2 peso coin as change, she said that if I wanted to read the English language paper, I should pay in dollars. I almost gave her a lesson in vernacular English. Oh, well.

During a momentary lull in the rain, I managed to catch a cab back to the hotel without getting soaked. A good day for letting the aging joints rest.

imageI type these messages to you while sitting on this fainting couch in my hotel room.

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